I had an “AHA moment” today. Would you like me to share it with you? I thought so. I was digging through my spam folder, don’t ask why, it’s just what I do OK? and I came across a perfectly legit, subscribed to newsletter that kind of irked me that Gmail thought it was spam in the first place. I really like the info this author puts out and wanted to read it. Then I noticed that the publisher of said newsletter was using MailChimp as the vehicle to launch their sage advice into the interwebs. That’s when it hit me “AHA!”

But wait, what? What does that have to do with anything you clown? I don’t see how that caused an AHA moment. Let me finish. Please do. (these are the kind of conversations that I have in my head, I just write them down, don’t judge me). Recently, The Vine started using MailChimp to scatter our news amongst our loyal followers, but I was kind of discouraged when I saw the reports that only 37% of the recipients had opened our tome of knowledge and 61% never even opened it to click the “unsubscribe me from this list, and do it now!” button. Yes, that’s only 98% for you math wiz’s, apparently 2% of you have illegible handwriting and we have your email address wrong, or you gave us a fake email address and it bounced cause you didn’t want to hear from us in the first place. That’s beside the point. My AHA moment came when I thought, I wonder if those that were never opened are somehow sitting in peoples spam folders, patiently waiting to be saved from the impending “delete all spam” button push?

So, if you are still reading this post up to this point (and frankly, why wouldn’t you be?) could you do me a favor and make sure our labor of love emails are not sitting in some deep, dark spam folder with other, more unsavory emails … like money from Nigeria, or stocks to pick now, or please provide your bank info … yeah, you know the ones. Thank you. It will help me sleep better at night knowing you truly, truly love us here at The Vine and aren’t just ignoring us. – ScubaSteve