First, since we have been in the series, The Church United, I believe we have looked into some very important scriptures in 1st Corinthians. As we draw closer to finishing up this series, we look forward to what is next.

So, here goes. To build this church, we must build it from the position of having our faces to the ground in prayer. Prayer never comes easily for me because I always rely too heavily on my own strength. But we must be on our faces before God to succeed as a church. Two weeks ago, we started the Prayer Project, this was a way to get our church focused on a few specific prayers that we could all be praying together. My hope is that everyone is together on these prayers.

Second, our next series will be on Marriage. As we seek to understand husbands and wives and how our lives intertwine, there are ways you can become involved:

Give us your questions on marriage, e.g., Why do men never change? Why is my wife different then when I married her?
Do this through – Facebook, twitter, or email to Derek.
We will accumulate these questions and use them throughout our series on Marriage.
Please know that we will keep all questions confidential. I understand the issues of marriage and want to respond readily to all things shared in confidence.

We will begin this series in about 4-5 weeks.

I look forward to seeing what God is up to while we are seeking Him through prayer. Keep checking back at the blog, website, and Facebook because God is up to some amazing things at The Vine.

I am so glad you are involved with what He is doing.

Your Pastor,
Derek Osburn